silence for the eyes, tranquility for the spirit. it is from this reflection that our design philosophy arises. philosophy, not style, because for us, design, above all else, is continuous exploration and existential journey. we propose a true way of living free from excess and superfluity. surrounded by the noise and chaos of contemporaneity, our approach has become a constant pursuit of silence. a silence for the eyes capable of freeing the mind, enhancing spirituality, and placing humanity at the center of the home project. in our vocabulary, emptiness loses its negative connotation: it is not perceived as absence or lack, but rather represents a pause, a moment of reflection in which one can transcend the prevailing materialism and make room for interiority. all of this translates into a rigorous process of subtraction applied to the entire domestic environment. the living space becomes primal, devoid of any addition and stripped of anything that could distract the eye and soil the view. the elemental and pure forms of our products are the result of this process.
everything is minimized as if to deny human intervention on the elements: the handles, skirtings, faucets and all those ostentatious details typical of traditional design disappear, while the use of colors and materials becomes rigorous and uncompromising. in this way we create monolithic, ‘monochromatic’ and ‘mono-material’ volumes that, in their quiet abstraction and sculptural presence, do not give up being everyday objects while concealing all functional elements from the view. our ambition is to create poetry without sacrificing the principles of rationality and functionality that are the foundations of design and industrial culture. stone, wood, metal, water and fire are the custodians of the desire to freeze time. the extreme simplicity, combined with the use of natural materials are a challenge to the dizzying succession of passing fads and trends. natural materials have the ability to age nicely, adopting the patina of time which enhances the charm and aesthetic value; setting the time in archaic forms, we strive to make our products eternal.
the microcosm that thus takes shape is free from excess furnishings and objects, from the redundancy of materials and colors. it rediscovers the spiritual value of emptiness, the infinite poetry of light, the strength of matter, and the power of natural elements. not a sterile and impersonal space but rather a place capable of amplifying the soul, in which the neutrality of design gives way to the material and subjectivity of its inhabitants. the design makes room for life. the individual thus becomes the true protagonist of the domestic space once again, too long invaded and suffocated by a multitude of useless objects, spawned by the rampant culture of consumerism. those who choose our product not only acquire objects but embrace a way of living, seeing, and relating to the world, in a concept of tailoring that interprets personality in an absolute manner.
1949 - 1983

the company founded by adriano minotti in 1949 was involved in the production of furniture, doors, and windows. in the 1960s, adriano decided to focus exclusively on modern kitchens, based on the classic american model. in 1973, he received the international "ercole d'oro" award and in 1973 the europremio for furniture technology. in 1975, he received recognition from the province of verona, while in 1976 adriano minotti was appointed knight of labor. subsequently, in 1983 and 1987, he received further recognition from the province of verona and was conferred the honor of officer
1999 - 2014

in the '90s, adriano passes the management of the company to his son alberto, who promotes a strong shift towards minimalist style and turns the brand into a synonym for high-level design. in 2000, the atelier model receives the mebel moscow award, while in 2005 terra is born, the first kitchen with stone doors and countertop. in 2007, the company wins the ambitious wallpaper design awards and the regional marco polo prize.
2014 - today

in 2014, asso spa acquires the minotticucine brand, taking over the leadership, production, and design of kitchens. today, minotticucine by asso group achieves a new milestone with increasingly exclusive projects that outline a made in italy kitchen proposal in the luxury sector, inspired by the concepts of artworks. among these, we remember the terra kitchen in cast bronze, designed by claudio silvestrin, which was awarded in london with the designer kitchen and bathroom award.
2019 mdo monte carlo prize
2019 c silvestrin good design award 2019 for earth cast bronze
2018 designer kitchen & bathroom london awards
2018 prize gray best exhibit space design vancouver
2009 recognition of confindustria for the 60 years of the company
2007 regional award marco polo
2006 wallpaper design awards
1999 recognition apindustria peri 50 years of business
1991 medaglio d'oro to the company
2000 award mobel moscow
1987 conferimetno with the certificate of the official to adriano minotti
1983 recognition of the province of verona
1976 appointment as a cavalier of the work to adriano minotti
1975 recognition of the province of verona
1973 europremio for the technology of the mobile
1973 europremio for the technology of the mobile
1973 the international prize ercole d'oro
1973 the international prize ercole d'oro
1973 the international prize ercole d'oro
claudio silvestrin

despite his distinguished position in the architectural world, claudio silvestrin prefers to keep a low profile, avoiding the showiness preferred by many at the top of his profession. the same might be said about his projects which, rather than indulging in the spectacular and hyper-ornate, are understated affairs, serene and meditative. in his own words: “architecture of contemplation and for our inner self – it is most of all for our soul.” highly creative, claudio silvestrin was born in 1954, studied under a.g. fronzoni in milan and at the architectural association in london. his interest in philosophy, his vision, his integrity, clarity of mind, inventiveness and concern for details are reflected in his distinctive architecture: austere but not extreme, contemporary yet timeless, calming but not ascetic, strong but not intimidating, elegant but not ostentatious, simple but not soulless. claudio silvestrin has extensive experience as a visiting professor. in 2013 he was appointed walton critic and tutored at the catholic university of america, in washington dc. claudio silvestrin is a man of vision, the vast as well as the minute. creativity is never delegated, his artistic supervision is total. claudio silvestrin is not a mere creative: what he creates in his designs, in turn, creates. he stands for difference rather than uniformity, quality rather than quantity, fewer projects rather than many. he is not a business man nor a pr man. he cares, advises, invents, teaches; he inspires. claudio silvestrin’s golden touch always adds value to his clients’ projects. “i do not get out of bed unless i am going to create something exceptionally beautiful.
alberto minotti

born in verona in 1965, alberto minotti has been immersed in the atmosphere of the family business since his childhood. at a young age, alberto fully engages in the family business with his parents in the production of modern kitchens. Starting in 1994, he begins to design autonomously, incorporating into the product line those personal interpretations that will shape the company into what it is today: namely, a production characterized by the concept of "visual silence". an interesting encounter in the late 1990s with palmalisa zantedeschi, who shows him a book on minimalism, opens alberto's eyes to the world of stone and prompts him to seek collaboration in 2003 with architect claudio silvestrin, designer for Terra. in parallel with these significant stylistic changes, the company's distribution system transitions from multi-brand to mono-brand. thus, monobrand stores open worldwide. design for alberto minotti is continuous research and an existential journey above all. his ambitious yet concrete idea is to design behaviors to propose a true lifestyle free from excess and superfluity: silence for the eyes. the elementary forms of the kitchens thus become increasingly pure, almost primitive, evidence of the integrity and spiritual strength of the brand. everything is reduced to a minimum, almost as if to deny human intervention in the project; thus, all those ostentatious details typical of traditional design disappear, while the use of colors and materials becomes rigorous and uncompromising. the result is monolithic volumes that, while appearing sculptural, do not renounce their function of daily use. the choice of natural materials makes the products eternal, freezing time beyond trends.
asso group

asso group is a business reality operating in the territory of verona. the group started its activity as asso spa, founded in 1988, specialized in the production of high-quality furniture and contract solutions, especially in the retail sector. deeply rooted in the territory, its beating heart is located in the valpolicella district, near verona, where the company has its main headquarters with administrative offices, production units, warehouse, and showroom. from the beginning of its activity until today, asso spa has focused on continuous innovation and has specialized in all types of furniture, from single-brand stores to large warehouses and turnkey solutions. operating worldwide as a general contractor, asso follows every single step of the retail store realization process. with a focus on continuous innovation, asso has launched a development program based on a new product for the creation of custom furniture in hpl laminate for work, sanitary, and fitness environments characterized by a high influx of people, as this product is particularly suitable to meet hygiene and cleanliness requirements.
asso group

asso has opened the doors to the world of design by acquiring two historic made in italy brands, first maistri and then minotticucine. there are many similarities between the two companies: both were founded in the valpolicella region in the second half of the 1940s, both produce high-quality kitchens based on design, research, and the art of craftsmanship, characteristics of excellence that have always distinguished the two italian brands in the national and international markets. today, both companies operate together within the asso group, which can guarantee them a prominent position in the market. in both cases, we have not only incorporated the brand, but we have also ensured to include the two companies along with their tradition, background, and culture, as well as the personnel. we have done this to give these important companies a future within the entrepreneurial and social fabric of verona and the valpolicella region, where they were created and developed. after all, asso is a large family-run company, its strength comes from the children and the workers. our recent investments have been made primarily for the next generations and for the future.
minotticucine by asso group, thanks to ASSO's experience, has specialized in providing luxury kitchen contract services. We have decided to create a line called "(c) Contract" with simplifications for the "Atelier C" and "Gandhara C" models, in order to offer competitive prices without compromising on the luxury and high design standards that have always distinguished minotticucine / asso spa. This does not exclude that every kitchen model from our proposal or special project is available for contract realization. Contract Department: [email protected]